Feed Store

JS West Milling Company
9th & G Street
Modesto, CA 95353
Phone: (209) 338-3287

JS West Retail Feed Store is one of the oldest continuing businesses for JS West. Located in Modesto, the feed store is located on the site of the first milling operation JS West purchased back in 1909. The feed store offers a full line of animal feed by sack or by the pound, as well as veterinary supplies, vaccinations, live animals, and pet supplies.

Finding the right feed for your animals at JS West.
Best practices for keeping your animals healthy include proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet; however, sorting through the array of products can be a daunting task. The JS West Retail Feed Store offers a full line of veterinary products and an array of feed blends for companion animals and livestock. The JS West team offers helpful tips to help you make informed decision on your animal feed purchases.

Do you love your pets like family?
While pet reptiles are not for everyone, most would agree that all pets can be extremely loving and find their way into your family. In addition to its feed operations and pet supplies, the JS West Retail Feed Store offers delightful non-traditional pets that will enrich the right household. What can all pets and their owners find useful? Feed Store representatives that can provide key tips on providing animals the proper love, attention and care. Please come visit us for all your animal and farm store supplies. We’re here to help.

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