Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When installing a gas line how deep does the trench need to be?

A. The gas line needs to be a minimum of 18” below final grade


Q. Where should I put the propane tank?

A. The tank needs to be at least 10 feet from your house, property line, and any source of ignition. It also needs to be no more than 100 feet from where the delivery truck will park when we make the delivery and in a direct line of sight from the truck. Please call us and we will assist you in determining the best place for the tank


Q. Can my natural gas appliances be converted to propane?

A. In most cases yes. Please call us and have a service technician look at your appliances and make that determination for you.


Q. Why do have to do a pressure test?

A. Gas code requires that whenever gas service has been interrupted the system must be checked for leaks. This means that if you are moving into a residence that has had the gas shut-off a leak test must be performed. If you run out of gas that is considered an interruption of service and a pressure test must be performed.


Q. What is your will call policy?

A. Our will call policy states that from the date that you call and order propane we have a minimum of 5 working days to work your delivery into our schedule. As a rule of thumb, depending on how much gas you use and the size of your propane tank, you should order your gas when your tank is at 30%.


Q. How much gas will I use?

A. This is a very difficult question to answer. We can give you an approximate answer if you know how many BTUs each appliance uses but there are other variables as well: how high do you set your thermostat, do you use hot or cold water when you do laundry, etc. Please call us and we will assist you as best we can.


Q. Why does the price of propane vary so much?

A. The price of propane has many variables and the market reacts rapidly to these variables. Some of the factors that affect the price that you pay for propane may include the price of crude oil and natural gas used in the manufacture of propane. There will also be price variables caused by seasonal temperatures and related supply and demand pressure in the market place.