JS West utilizes EnerTrac’s state of the art Propane Tank Remote Monitoring Service in order to better serve our customers’ needs. By having the monitors deployed on a large percentage of our tanks and integrating their data directly with our routing software, we are able to more efficiently service our customers and eliminate their concerns of running out of gas. Customers can also take advantage of our Online Account Management to easily check the current level of their tank without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Some of the benefits of Remote Tank Monitoring are:

• Convenient online tank level display so you don’t have to go outside

• Ability to view your current level while on the go with our JS West Propane app for iOS devices

• Option to receive tank level display & alarms via email

• Tank Monitors transmit low level, and decompression warnings to us immediately

• Ensures you never run out of gas

• Better for the environment: Less trips to keep your tank full

*certain conditions may apply to the placement of remote monitors.