JS West Family Farms

Humble Beginnings & Always Evolving
The JS West family farms started in the late 1940’s with just a few thousand egg laying hens. Over the years our farms have grown and changed, upgrading hen housing and equipment to meet the growing market demand while always remaining focused on the health and welfare of our hens. Through research, science and experience the egg industry found ways to improve bird health and sanitation by bringing the hens indoors and off the floor away from predators, parasites, fecal matter and harsh weather, while providing nutritious food, fresh air and clean water. Modern housing systems, science based practices and a holistic approach to bird welfare ensure our ability to supply our customers with safe, local, nutritious and affordable eggs within a day or two of lay. All of our farms are certified through the United Egg Producer (UEP) Certified program which is based on strict animal welfare guidelines created by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee. The farms, and our practices, are audited by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Services to ensure compliance to the guidelines. The UEP Certified program is recognized as a leader among all of the animal agriculture worldwide in the establishment of science-based guidelines.

Three Family Farms
Blanco Verde Farms is the name for the egg farming part of J.S. West & Company. There are three geographic locations around the fertile San Joaquin Valley that house 1.5 million laying hens. Stanislaus County is home to our Plumas and Milton farms nestled in the middle of 540 acres of almonds, which make for a beautiful view around blossom time each year. The Milton farm is responsible for brooding 60% of the chicks that will grow up to be the next generation of California fresh egg laying hens. Just down the road is the Plumas farm which consists of several layer barns and these hen’s eggs get trucked south to Hilmar CA, a small town that sits on the north end of Merced County. The Hilmar Farm is where we have 9 barns feeding directly into a state of the art processing facility located next door. Once the hen lays her egg, the egg moves along a conveyor belt to be washed, USDA inspected, dried and packaged for delivery to the groceries stores and restaurants the following day. This proves our slogan “Egg Just Can’t Get Any Fresher”.

Providing Eggs for our future
The newest egg laying farm is located farther south, outside the town of Livingston. This farm is home to 3 modern barns and two new Enriched Colony Barns. This housing system not only provides more room for the birds, but also enrichments that allow for more natural behaviors like nesting, perching and dust bathing. This is the first ever Enriched Colony Barn in the USA. The eggs from this farm are also processed right next door in the recently built processing facility. We market and distribute our eggs in various labels through our egg marketing cooperative, NuCal Foods.

Eggs represent the bulk of the farming operation; however we are also almond growers and maintain a prosperous natural fertilizer business.