Our Family

JS West & Companies is all about family. We’re family owned and operated and have been for more than a century. Our whole philosophy of business embraces the bonds, trust and loyalty found in the family unit and extends to our family of employees, customers and community.

When James Stewart West began his journey from Nebraska his vision of starting a new life for his family in California, became a reality. Little did he realize those humble beginnings would grow and prosper to the family of businesses that it is today.  Although his children are gone now, they played a huge role in the early years. Today third and fourth generations actively manage the business with close to 300 members of the extended family of employees.

Mission Statement

JS West and Companies, as long standing members of the community, are committed to providing its customers, employees, resources and the area as a whole a business that offers value, fairness, integrity, and a concern for individuals. As a business of products and services we pledge to:

  • - Assist all customers with concern and respect;

  • - Provide quality products, services, and knowledgeable assistance;

  • - Create an atmosphere of quality and interest so customers will have a pleasant shopping experience;

  • - Provide a fair and pleasant environment in which to work and treat everyone with compassion and respect; and

  • - Be a good citizen by contributing time and money to community affairs.

And in return for these commitments we believe a profit shall result. Through this profitability we can continue to offer products, create employment, and grow with the community.