Propane Topic – Tank Exchange

Propane Tank Exchange

Here’s the situation:  You invite friends/family over.  It’s a nice clear, hot, sunny day.  You go to put the hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks on the BBQ….. only to find out – you are out of propane!

Panic sets in…. What am I going to do?  The wife is going to kill me!

Then it hits you – JS West can help!  There is a tank exchange program close by.

NO WORRIES/NO HASSLE!  JS West has partnered with many businesses, gas stations and local companies to ensure your propane needs are met.  Just take that empty tank to your nearest location and exchange it.  It’s that simple.

To find the nearest Tank Exchange location, please visit our website at  Click on the Propane tab – Click Find A Cylinder Exchange Location.

Written by hrdept