Journey from Farm to Plate – Step 6

Step 6 – Egg Inspection

After we wash and sterilize the eggs, they’re inspected by a series of systems. A specialized camera detects the smallest spots of dirt or stains left on the egg. The computer remembers that egg and sends it back around via conveyor belt to wash and sterilize again. If the egg doesn’t meet our high standards at this point, the computer will send it off to go to the breaking plant where we’ll pasteurize and further process the liquid egg. The other inspections include check detecting and interior detection which remove the eggs that may have a hairline crack or an abnormality inside the egg. Again, the computer will re-route this egg in order to maintain only perfect eggs to be packaged. Finally, the last step in this process is to dry the eggs.

Prior to packing, the eggs are weighed in order to determine its’ size. All the while, the computer is managing 86,000 eggs per hour – remembering each egg, where it needs to go, and what kind of carton it belongs in and so on.  JS West processes more than a million eggs a day, making sure we have only fresh, safe, wholesome eggs for you and your family.

Written by Jill Benson

Jill Benson, Senior Vice President of J. S. West & Companies, represents 4th generation in the family owned and operated diversified set of businesses based out of Modesto, California. Among their interests, J. S. West has three farms with 1.8 million laying hens, feed mill, feed store, hardware store and liquid propane sales and distribution in more than 25 counties in Northern California. Jill is involved in every aspect of the family business. She’s spent much of her career in the egg farming end of the business, from operations to processing to sales & marketing. Jill is active in the company’s real estate interests, propane, safety and communications.

Jill is an active member of the United Egg Producers (UEP), of Pacific Egg & Poultry Association (PEPA) and past President and American Egg Board (AEB), Cal Poly Animal Science Advisory Council, California FFA Foundation Board and Finance Committee at Del Rio Country Club. Jill is a dedicated volunteer, often lending her omelet skills to raise money for various charitable organizations.

Jill is an avid skier, world traveler, accomplished cook and dog lover. She is married to Ken Woodward and they share their time between Modesto and Santa Cruz.

Jill Benson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, graduating with Honors and Distinction from San Diego State University.