Employee Profile: Meet Jesse Romo

Meet Jesse Romo!

Jesse Romo cares. He cares about his hens. He cares about the families consuming the eggs that come from the hens. He cares about his employees who care for the hens. He cares about food safety and freshness. He cares about the environment. It all matters to Jesse.

Jesse Romo is the manager of the JS West Dwight Bell Farm near Livingston, CA. He’s been a dedicated employee for more than 28 years and has seen continuous improvements over the life of his career.  Jesse has always embraced these changes in his job, even if it was hard. He understands the importance of innovation, research and science that create new ways of caring for the hens and the product they produce.

Jesse lives on the farm where he and his wife have enjoyed the rural lifestyle raising their family. Jesse lives and breathes egg farming and expects the same kind of commitment from his employees. He holds his men to the highest standards in animal husbandry practices to ensure the welfare of their birds and the quality of the eggs. In addition to their hands-on approach, they have all the innovative technology available to help them do the best possible job.

The Dwight Bell Farm has five barns with about 150,000 hens per barn. Two of the barns are Enriched Colony barns where folks from anywhere can watch the hens in their home 24/7 via live cams. The Enriched Colony barns were built as a solution to the vague language of Prop 2, a law going into effect Jan 1, 2015.  Jesse and his team have spent the last 2 years learning the complexities of this style of housing. Not only do they allow almost twice the space per bird but also include enrichments, like perches, nest boxes and scratch areas, allowing for more natural behaviors.

Jesse makes a difference when it comes to the eggs people consume. We’re proud of him and the efforts he and his team make in ensuring Northern Californians get the high quality, safe, wholesome affordable eggs they deserve.

Written by Jill Benson

Jill Benson, Senior Vice President of J. S. West & Companies, represents 4th generation in the family owned and operated diversified set of businesses based out of Modesto, California. Among their interests, J. S. West has three farms with 1.8 million laying hens, feed mill, feed store, hardware store and liquid propane sales and distribution in more than 25 counties in Northern California. Jill is involved in every aspect of the family business. She’s spent much of her career in the egg farming end of the business, from operations to processing to sales & marketing. Jill is active in the company’s real estate interests, propane, safety and communications.

Jill is an active member of the United Egg Producers (UEP), of Pacific Egg & Poultry Association (PEPA) and past President and American Egg Board (AEB), Cal Poly Animal Science Advisory Council, California FFA Foundation Board and Finance Committee at Del Rio Country Club. Jill is a dedicated volunteer, often lending her omelet skills to raise money for various charitable organizations.

Jill is an avid skier, world traveler, accomplished cook and dog lover. She is married to Ken Woodward and they share their time between Modesto and Santa Cruz.

Jill Benson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, graduating with Honors and Distinction from San Diego State University.