How do you order your eggs?

Whether you like them runny and dipable, or hard over and solid, everyone prefers their eggs prepared a certain way. 

At our house, preferences vary.  My husband likes a two-minute poached egg or sunny-side up. My daughter always has her eggs scrambled well.  I tend to fall in the middle range, over-medium is fine with me!

These are usually our preferences for eggs at breakfast.  Here’s a look at how one of our JSWEST family member experimented with cooking eggs this past weekend.

How do YOU cook your eggs????  We want to know!

Written by Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer is the Receptionist at the J S West Corporate Office and has been employed by J S West for two years. Prior to coming to J S West, Jennifer has 15 years of office management experience.

In her spare time Jennifer enjoys reading, gardening, wine-tasting and do-it-yourself projects around the house.

Jennifer was raised in southern California and moved to Modesto in 1988. She and her husband of 23 years live in Modesto with their two dogs. They recently attended their daughter’s graduation from college and are looking forward to traveling in the future.