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Happy Fried Eggs Friday!

How do you like your fried eggs? Over-easy, over-medium, over-hard, sunnyside-up, broken yolk or even ‘road kill’ (harder than hard). What do you cook them in? Butter, olive oil, bacon grease? This morning we gathered our extended family of employees and had a party called Fried Eggs Friday. Everyone was amped up to fry some […]

Egg Recipes: Breakfast Taxi

“Joe Belly” knows how to make a breakfast sandwich!  “Joe Belly” calls it a Breakfast Taxi or Tennessee Taxi…. But I call it:  GENIUS! Thanks to the Breakfast Taxi – I have one happy & lazy family on Football Sundays….  Watch and learn as the master, Jose Saldana aka “Joe Belly”, shares his recipe! Ingredients: […]

Scrambled Eggs – How many ways to scramble eggs?

How many ways are there to scramble eggs? Each of us has our own way to scramble eggs!  Here are two recipes for scrambled eggs.  The most important thing to remember is: Low & Slow. Always cook scrambled eggs on LOW heat & SLOW!  This will help you get glistening, fluffy eggs!  Remember to take […]